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Human rights in virtual classrooms

Rights Rights and Freedoms
Magna Carta - Story of our Freedoms

In these uncertain and difficult times, many of us have had a chance to reflect on just how dependent we are on each other; socially, physically and emotionally. With technology, some of us have been able to stay safe at home and yet be part of the outside world—if only ‘virtually’.
Staff here at the Australian Human Rights Commission are lucky enough to be able to work remotely, while maintaining our key functions. That means being available for you and your concerns about discrimination.
What you might not know, is that the Commission also has a suite of education resources that are designed to work with the current national school curriculum
We know—as many of you do—how difficult the transition to online education is for our children and young people, educators and families. That’s why we are reaching out, to remind you about our free online education resources to help students learn and engage with human rights, in ways that complement their existing knowledge base and class activities.
The value of our education professionals—part of Australia’s aptly name essential workers—cannot be overestimated [or say ‘overstated’—underestimate says the opposite]. All of us at the Commission applaud you for your ongoing commitment to sharing your skills and patience as we come to grips not only with what we are facing right now, but also ensuring our children’s education is not compromised in Covid-19 times.

An Introduction to Human Rights and

Years 5-6: Humanities and Social Sciences; Health and Physical Education

This resource provides students with the opportunity to explore the meaning of ‘rights’ and develop an understanding of human rights, and the responsibilities that complement them. It includes two interactive lessons that students can complete independently, or in groups, accompanying teacher resources and suggested homework activities.

Magna Carta: The Story of Our Freedom

Years 5-6: History; Civics and Citizenship
Years 9-10: History; Civics and Citizenship

This resource allows students to explore the evolution of human rights since 1215 and the impact that the Magna Carta has had on our human rights and freedoms in Australia. In includes an interactive infographic and short animated video that can be viewed by students directly, as well as accompanying teacher resources.

Bringing them Home

Year 6: History
Year 9: History

This interactive website allows students to explore the Stories of the Stolen Generations in order to better understand the effects of the forced removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from their families, communities and Country. The website also includes teaching resources.

Choose Your Own Statistics

Years 5-10: Mathematics
Years 6, 8, 10: Geography

This interactive website prompts students to find out more about some of the important issues in Australian society by exploring statistics. Students can view infographics, create their own graphs and download data tables.

Supporting information for teachers provides general suggestions on how to use the website with students. There are also teaching resources for Mathematics and Geography.

The Story of Our Rights and Freedoms

Years 7-9: Civics and Citizenship
Year 10: History

These resources assist students in building a critical understanding of human rights and responsibilities, and to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills to apply human rights in everyday life. They were developed in partnership with Cool Australia, whose online platform allows students to submit electronic workshops to teachers online.

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