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2010 Media Release: After 30 years, PML finally delivered

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Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, today congratulated the Australian Government and the Parliament on the passage of the Australia’s first Paid Parental Leave Scheme.

“The implementation of the paid parental leave scheme in Australia is a major triumph, not only for mothers and parents, but for our community,” said Commissioner Broderick. “It is a critical piece of social infrastructure that will help deliver stronger outcomes for mothers, families, businesses, the economy and our community as a whole.”

Commissioner Broderick said that the scheme has been delivered after 30 years of strong advocacy and activism from women all across Australia, with consensus between unions, human rights advocates, business and government. She said it was also encouraging to see that all political parties were united in the view that the time for Paid Parental Leave had well and truly come.

“This scheme will assist mothers to maintain skills and income by encouraging workplace attachment for workers who have historically been forced to downgrade in both areas when they have a child,” said Commissioner Broderick.

Commissioner Broderick said she was particularly pleased to see a two year review included in the legislation.

“This scheme is a very welcome first step which will form a solid base to be improved over time,” said Commissioner Broderick. “Improvements would include the addition of superannuation, an extension of the period of paid leave and moves towards lifting the level of payment.”

Commissioner Broderick thanked the many organisations that had advocated so hard over the last three decades and, particularly, former Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Ms Pru Goward.

The Commissioner said today was a truly historic day for women and parents in Australia.

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