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2010 Statement: Professor Solomon Encel

Commission Commission – General

It is with great sadness that the Australian Human Rights Commission notes the passing of Dr. Solomon Encel, Emeritus Professor of Sociology (Social Policy Research Centre) University of NSW.

Professor Encel was one of Australia's foremost academic researchers into issues of unlawful age discrimination in our country, making an unparalleled academic contribution on these issues.

Among many other things, he will be remembered for an extraordinary academic contribution that spanned decades and which considered many critical areas of social policy.

Until very recently, Professor Encel had been working with the Commissioner responsible for Age Discrimination, Elizabeth Broderick, and her team, adding to critical research needed to investigate issues of unlawful age discrimination faced by mature age workers. Professor Encel contributed significantly to the evidence base necessary to design effective policy in this area.

Commissioner Broderick and Commission staff remember Professor Encel as an eloquent, determined and fearless advocate for the human rights of older people in Australia. He will be sorely missed.