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Accessible events – a guide for organisers

Disability Rights

Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Graeme Innes, has congratulated Meetings & Events Australia on the release of an updated edition of Accessible events – a guide for organisers.

“Events such as conferences, festivals, annual meetings, award ceremonies, fundraisers and seminars are big business and an important part of the lives of many people,” said Commissioner Innes. “Ensuring they are accessible for people with disability - whether they are presenters, sponsors or participants is a legal requirement.”

The Guide was first developed in 2006 by Meetings Events Australia in partnership with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

“Since then new access requirements have been introduced and MEA and its members have gained experience in using the Guide, so it is timely that this updated version has been released,” said Commissioner Innes.

The Guide aims to help organisers think about access and participation when planning an event and understand what can be done to ensure the best possible access.

It includes section on the venue, promotional material, booking systems, information and the overall organisation of an event whether it is an open air festival, large conference or community consultation.

The Guide is available here: under section titled ‘Downloads of Interest’.

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