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Escape Game is not a laughing matter

Commission Commission – General

1 May 2003

Game is not a laughing matter

Human Rights Commissioner, Dr Sev Ozdowski, is disappointed that public monies
have been allocated to developing a computer game focussing on how to escape from

provision of monies for development of the game has nothing to do with education
or freedom of expression. At best, this game is insensitive to persons currently
detained in Australia's immigration detention centres. At worst, it encourages
unlawful activity." said Dr Ozdowski. "The vast majority of immigration
detainees in Australia's remote centres are asylum seeking men, parents and children
patiently awaiting a visa outcome. This game unjustly characterises immigration
detainees as criminals trying to 'bust out of jail'. The idea of using issues
in detention for entertainment is simply sick."

welcome the use of computer games as a tool for education and would encourage
the Australia Council to focus its attention on games that promote human rights
in Australia" said Dr Ozdowski.

contact: Public Affairs (02) 9284 9618

updated 1 May 2003.