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National Close the Gap Day

Aboriginal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice
Aboriginal mothers with happy babies

The Co-Chair of the Close the Gap Campaign and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar AO has launched the 2019 Close the Gap report “Our Choices, Our Voices”.

The report, prepared by the Lowitja Institute, was released at a community event at Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation – Aboriginal Medical Service in South Western Sydney, as part of National Close the Gap day events around the country.

Speaking at the event, Commissioner Oscar said Our Choices, Our voices is an uplifting and truthful document.

“This report shows that our communities have the solutions on the ground, and that we are already doing the much needed work.

“When decisions are in our hands, we feel good, we feel strong, and we revitalise our health and wellbeing for generations to come.

“Our Choices, Our Voices focusses on our successes and the cultural determinants of health such as our resilience, identity and self-determination.

“By recognising and supporting the work on the ground that strengthens our cultural determinants of health, we will close the health gap. 



Commissioner Oscar welcomed COAG’s and the Prime Ministers commitment to work with the Coalition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peak bodies, as equal partners in co-designing, implementing and monitoring Closing the Gap programs, policies and targets.

“This partnership really does have the potential to be a game changer. It will allow our voices, from the ground up to be heard and responded to.

“This is what we must be insisting when we talk about a refreshed Closing the Gap framework – that we are always at the decision-making table, and that we are self-determining, when it comes to matters that affect us,” Commissioner Oscar said.

Download a copy of the Close the Gap report here