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New guidelines on scooter use

Disability Disability Rights
motor scooter

The Australian Human Rights Commission today released an Advisory Note which provides advice on how people with disabilities who use mobility scooters can do so in clubs throughout NSW.

The Advisory Note, released under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act, deals with use of scooters in clubs - speed, safety, and the arrangements of furniture and fittings in club premises.

"This Advisory Note sets out how scooters might be used in clubs, and clarifies the situation for both clubs and patrons.  It should reduce disputes, and provide clubs and patrons with some immediate answers to questions which might otherwise have been resolved in discrimination complaints," said Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes.

"It should facilitate scooter use, and assist clubs to know how to best proceed," he said.

The Advisory Note was produced in consultation with clubs and the disability sector and is supported by the RSL & Services Clubs Association, ClubsNSW, Leagues Clubs Australia, Bowls NSW and RSL Victoria.

“A better understanding of club responsibilities in this area can only be of benefit to clubs and club patrons.  There is a growing use of mobility scooters in clubs and the Advisory Note will help venues better understand their needs and balance that against the needs of other patrons so their visit to the club is more enjoyable’, said Graeme Carroll, Chief Executive Officer RSL & Services Clubs Association.

The CEO of ClubsNSW, Anthony Ball expressed support for the initiative. "Mobility Scooters are used by some people in clubs around the State, and this advisory note will help those club patrons enjoy a better club experience,” he said.

The Advisory Note can be found at