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Conciliation Register

Act Sex Discrimination Act
Grounds Breastfeeding
Areas Goods, services and facilities
Outcome details

Apology - private;
Anti-discrimination/EEO staff training introduced;
Policy change/change in practice (external customers)


The complainant claimed that when she breastfed her baby at the respondent's public swimming pool she was told to stop because of council regulations regarding bodily fluids entering the pool.

On being notified of the complaint the respondent indicated a willingness to try to resolve the matter by conciliation.

The complaint was resolved. The respondent agreed to work with a national breastfeeding association to develop and implement policies and training for staff on breastfeeding by members of the public. The respondent acknowledged that it should not have raised the issue of the appropriateness of breastfeeding and issued the complainant with an apology for any hurt, humiliation or embarrassment caused by the incident. The respondent advised that the complainant was welcome to return to the pool and breastfeed her baby.