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Agenda for racial equality 2012-2016 - Acknowledgements

Agenda for racial equality 2012-2016


Many people have contributed to this Agenda: those around the country who
have shared with me their stories of successes and challenges; and those who
work in government, non-government and private capacities to protect and promote
the human rights of others. I would particularly like to thank those people who
provided valuable feedback on early drafts of the Agenda.

This Agenda has been developed in conjunction with my colleagues at the
Australian Human Rights Commission. In addition to the many other staff and my
fellow Commissioners who provided advice, I would like to specifically thank the
following people for their contribution:

Darren Dick, Director, Policy

Rivkah Nissim, Acting Principal Adviser, Race Discrimination Team

Cassandra Dawes, Project/Research Officer, Race Discrimination Team

Christine Ratnasingham, Senior Policy Officer, Race Discrimination Team

Neena Mairata, Media Adviser and other members of the Communications Team

Caroline Collier, Executive Assistant