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Agenda for racial equality 2012-2016 - Opportunities for change

Agenda for racial equality 2012-2016

4 Opportunities for

This Agenda presents a very broad range of opportunities for addressing
racial inequality. That breadth means that many different groups will need to be
involved in its realisation – all levels of government, business,
different sectors of the community, and of course, the Commission.

This work will achieve the best outcomes when it is done in partnership. We
will need the contribution of many different individuals and organisations if we
are to get the range of experience, understanding and information we need to
progress racial equality.

Successful societies adapt to change and are enriched by it. Australia is a
rare country in that it has a strong history of generally peaceful cultural and
social evolution, in line with the principles of a free, secular and democratic
society. We now need to build on this history, in the pursuit of achieving

Encouraging changes are already taking place in many areas.

There is a broad community movement in support of a referendum on
constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Partnerships between employers, communities and education providers are
creating positive employment, education and training opportunities for young
people from different backgrounds around the country.

The National Human Rights Action Plan holds out the promise of a
strong framework that can materially improve the economic and social inclusion
of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people from culturally
and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

I will support these efforts wherever possible in my capacity as Race
Discrimination Commissioner as well as driving change in the particular areas
highlighted in this Agenda.

Midway through my term in 2014, and again at the conclusion of my term of
Race Discrimination Commissioner in 2016, I will report on progress against the
actions identified in this Agenda. I will also report on Australia’s
progress more broadly against the priorities of this Agenda.