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Arts Initiative for Muslim Australians

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Arts Initiative with Muslim Australians

News for November 2010

The projects supported so far are:

To find out more about each of the projects, click on the links above.

Also in June 2009, the Initiative Advisory Group (IAG) met for the first time. All members of the IAG have expertise in multicultural arts, cultural practice and community cultural development. The meeting was an opportunity for the IAG and the Initiative Management Group to discuss current projects, evaluation and next steps for the Initiative.

Find out more about the IAG, including the members, in PDF Document for Download PDF or Word document for download Word

The Initiative

The Australian Human Rights Commission is coordinating a national arts and culture initiative in partnership with the Australia Council for the Arts, to offer Muslim Australians the opportunity to engage within their communities and the broader Australian community. The Initiative will work in the agencies’ mutual areas of interest - human rights and the arts.

The Initiative will provide a safe environment for participants to share and explore the issues affecting Muslim Australian communities, particularly Muslim young people, through a range of community arts-based projects in urban and rural locations around the country.
The project is based on the idea of ‘community cultural development’ which encourages participation, collaboration and inspiration to work creatively with individuals and communities to tackle complex social, economic and cultural issues.

The Initiative aims to help:

  • promote a positive message, and counter negative stereotypes, about Muslim Australians
  • provide an opportunity to build better understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim Australians
  • increase community awareness of the social and personal impacts felt by victims of discrimination, vilification and abuse
  • build self-esteem and knowledge within Muslim communities, especially among young Muslim Australians
  • increase the sense of belonging felt by Muslim communities and young Muslim Australians in the broader Australian community

Human rights training and information workshops will be provided for each of the projects supported under the Initiative. The Commission will work with the project officer of each project to determine the most appropriate session for project participants.

The first workshop was run in March 2009 as part of the Young Muslim Women’s Short Animation Film Project.

The Initiative started in late 2008 and will run over the next few years.

Find out more in PDF Document for Download PDF [30 KB] or in Word document for download Word [31 KB] about the project or send us an email to register your interest.


November 18, 2010