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Privacy resources

Children's Rights
Students at Sacred Heart Primary in Perth WA

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (the CRC) gives children and young people special rights to privacy, and in some cases these rights should be protected by the law.

Article 16 of the CRC states:

1. No child shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy, family, or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his or her honour and reputation.
2. The child has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

The Australian Human Rights Commission would like to hear from your school or youth group about privacy in the contemporary world, to access the views of children and young people.

Below is a set of resources for teachers and carers, including a privacy survey and scenarios targeted to younger children, and separate resources targeted to older children and young people.

These resources may also be used or adapted by teachers and carers for their own purposes.







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