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Disability Rights - Sport and recreation page

Disability Rights
Photo: Swimmer with disability

Sport and recreation page

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The Disability Discrimination Act makes discrimination unlawful in sport except if

  • a person is not reasonably capable of performing actions reasonably required in relation to the sporting activity; or
  • people who participate in the sporting activity are selected by a method which is reasonable on the basis of relevant skills and abilities; or
  • a sporting activity is conducted only for persons who have a particular disability and the person does not have that disability.

This page is intended to provide links on access for people with disabilities in sport and recreation. Suggestions for further resources on this page would be welcome.

Commission resources

Commission decisions on sports cases under the DDA

Rigon v CAMS
Wells v Queensland Cycling

Action plans

An increasing number of plans from sports organisations can be found on our action plan register

Guidelines and standards

Australian Sports Commission projects

Other resources

Organisations and events

Athletics Australia
Australian Athletes with a Disability (AIS elite athletes program)
Australian Blind Sports Federation
Australian Paralympic Committee
Deaf Sports Australia
Disabled Wintersport Australia
Riding for the Disabled in Australia
Special Olympics Australia
Transplant Games
NSW Wheelchair Sports Association
Queensland Sporting Wheelies
Wheelchair Darts Australia
Wheelchair Sports South Australia
Wheelchair Sports Victoria
National Wheelchair Basketball League

International Links

Beijing Paralympics 6-18 Sept 2008 (official site)
Cerebral Palsy International Sport and Recreation
International Paralympic Committee
IPC Athletics
International Tennis Federation
International Wheelchair Basketball Federation
US Quad Rugby
Wheelchair Sports Worldwide