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Level 1 Workbook

Unit 1

Track 01 Activity 9 Listen and write

My name is Hayat. I come from Ethiopia. I’m 25. I live in
Campsie with my husband, Adem, and our four-year-old
daughter. Her name is Siti. I used to stay at home with Siti
but now I work in the office at the Magic Paper factory. I’ve
been working there for about seven weeks. I’m an
Administrative Assistant. My boss’s name is Albert. My
friend’s name is Cheri.

Track 02 Activity 10 Listen and write

a. My name is Rako. I come from Burma. I’m single. I’m 18
and I’m a student. I go to high school. I live with my mother
and my sister. We live in a house in Altona. I have a parttime
job at a supermarket on Saturday and Sunday.

b. Hi, I’m Yana. I’m a nurse. I come from Bulgaria. I’m
married. My husband’s name is Todor. He used to be an
engineer but now he’s a taxi driver. We live in Geelong. We
have three children. My sons go to school and my daughter
goes to kindergarten.

Track 03 Activity 13 Listen and read

Cheri: Where do you come from Hayat?

Hayat: Ethiopia.

Cheri: Where’s that?

Hayat: It’s in the north-east of Africa.

Cheri: Gee, that’s a long way away. Why did you come
to Australia?

Hayat: That’s a long story. I’ll tell you some other time.

Cheri: How long have you been here?

Hayat: Four years.

Cheri: Why do you wear a scarf?

Hayat: My hijab? Um, I wear it for my religion.

Cheri Do you have to wear it to bed?

Hayat: Ah, I’m a bit uncomfortable with this question.

Cheri: Oh sorry!

Hayat: No worries. So where do you live, Cheri?

Cheri: Oh, I live in Newtown.

Track 04 Activity 14 Listen and repeat

a. Look, I’d rather not say, if you don’t mind.

b. I’m a bit uncomfortable with that question.

c. That’s a long story. I’ll tell you some other time.

d. Do you mind if we change the subject?

Track 05 Activity 17 Listen and repeat

∫: she, rubbish, immigration, shop
ascii character: lunch, sandwich, kitchen, children

Track 06 Activity 18 Listen and repeat

Track 07 Activity 19 Listen and write

a. watch
b. ship
c. dish
d. cherries
e. dictionary
f. cheese
g. matches
h. chef

Track 08 Activity 20 Listen and read

She chose a cheap shirt from the French shop.

Track 09 Activity 21 Listen and tick

Track 10 Activity 22 Listen and tick

a. immigration
b. assistant
c. manager
d. uncomfortable
e. confused
f. disappointed
g. embarrassed

Track 11 Activity 24 Listen and repeat

a. I feel upset.
b. I feel confused.
c. I feel angry.
d. I feel embarrassed.
e. I feel disappointed.
f. I feel sad.

Track 12 Activity 26 Listen and write

Bob: Jason could I talk to you for a moment?

Jason: Sure. What’s up, old man?

Bob: Well, I have a problem. When you say things about my age, I feel embarrassed.

Jason: Are you serious?

Bob: Yes, I am. I’d like you to stop talking about my
age to show you respect me.

Jason: Oh, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I’m
sorry. I won’t do it again.

Bob: Thanks mate.


Track 13 Activity 5 Listen and tick

a. agency
b. commission
c. discrimination
d. equal
e. human
f. opportunity
g. religious

Track 14 Activity 7 Read and listen

The Australian Human Rights Commission building is in
Sydney but the Commission is for people all over Australia.
What does the Australian Human Rights Commission do?
The Commission helps people to understand human rights
in Australia. The Commission also helps people to speak
up if they think they’ve been discriminated against or
treated unfairly.

Apart from the Australian Human Rights Commission there
is an anti-discrimination agency in each state and territory.
These state agencies cover other areas of discrimination.

For example, the Commission covers religious
discrimination if it happens in the workplace but in the
states, religious discrimination can be covered if it happens
outside the workplace.

Track 15 Activity 11 Listen and write

Sylvia: I think you can take your case to the

Hayat: The Commission?

Sylvia: The Australian Human Rights Commission.

Hayat: What do I have to do?

Sylvia: Write down everything you remember. You can
write in your first language. The Commission will
have it translated.

Hayat: That’s great.

Sylvia: You can get an application form on the internet
or you can call the Commission and ask them to
send you one.

Hayat: What’s their phone number?

Sylvia: Let’s see. The phone number is 1300 656 419.

Hayat: Thanks Sylvia.

Sylvia My pleasure. Good luck Hayat. Come back if
you need my help.

Track 16 Activity 13 Read and listen

Hayat had a discrimination problem with her boss at work.
He told her she must leave her job. So then she talked to
another boss but she didn’t help. Then Hayat phoned a
Community Legal Centre and talked to Sylvia about her
problem. Sylvia suggested that Hayat take her complaint
to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Track 17 Activity 16 Listen and repeat

ð: the, other, they, there
d: door, sad, different, decide

Track 18 Activity 17 Listen and repeat

Track 19 Activity 18 Listen and write

a. mother
b. day
c. dog
d. ladder
e. this
f. these
g. third
h. bathers

Track 20 Activity 19 Listen and read

Did Dad get these bathers for Father’s Day?

Track 21 Activity 21 Listen and answer

Receptionist: Good morning. Australian Human Rights
Commission. This is Maya speaking.

Hayat: Good morning, Maya. I’m ringing to ask for a
complaint form.

Receptionist: Sure, do you have the internet? Or I could
send one to your home address.

Hayat: Oh, I have the internet.

Receptionist: Well, if you like, you can apply online or you
can print a hard copy of the form to send to
us. Would you like me to give you the internet

Hayat: No, that’s OK. I can do a search. Um... Could
I ask you something else?

Receptionist: Sure. How can I help you?

Hayat: Before you answered there was a long
recorded message and I didn’t understand all
of it.

Receptionist: That was information about the Commission. You can find that on our website too.

Hayat: Oh, OK. Thank you. Bye.

Receptionist: Bye.


Track 22 Activity 5 Pronunciation Listen and tick

a. agreement
b. apologise
c. complainant
d. conciliator
e. dismissed
f. dispute
g. flexible
h. investigate
i. process
j. reference
k. resolve
l. respondent

Track 23 Activity 14 Listen and write

Kathy: Hi Hayat, my name is Kathy Vellicott. I’m from the
Australian Human Rights Commission. I’m calling
about your complaint.

Hayat: Oh hello Kathy.

Kathy: I’m calling to let you know that we’re investigating
your complaint.

Hayat: Oh, that’s great news.

Kathy: We’ll send a copy of your complaint to your
previous workplace.

Hayat: I see.

Kathy: They have three weeks to reply but they might ask for more time.

Hayat: And what happens after that?

Kathy: We’ll send you a copy of their reply and then we’ll
set a date for a conciliation meeting. Do you have
a DVD player?

Hayat: Yes.

Kathy: Good, I’ll send you a copy of our DVD. It’ll explain the Commission’s process for you.

Hayat: Thanks. Does it take very long?

Kathy: The process can take two or three months. Do
you still have our phone number?

Hayat: Yes.

Kathy: Well, feel free to call me if you have any

Hayat: Thanks Kathy.

Kathy: No problem. See you Hayat. I’ll be in touch.

Hayat: Bye. Thanks for calling.

Track 24 Activity 17 Listen and tick

Hi, my name is Kathy Vellicott and I’m a Conciliator with the
Australian Human Rights Commission. My job is to help
people to resolve a dispute. I don’t take sides. This means
that I don’t say one side is right and the other side is wrong.
I help the complainant and the respondent talk to each
other. Sometimes they don’t want to sit in the same room
together so I have to take messages from one room to the
other. People don’t always reach an agreement but it’s
great when they do!

Track 25 Activity 19 Listen and repeat

b: big, embarrassed, job, baby
p: pay, paper, people, apology

Track 26 Activity 20 Listen and repeat

Track 27 Activity 21 Listen and write

a. apple
b. bucket
c. prawn
d. bath
e. rubber
f. pear
g. purse
h. bin

Track 28 Activity 22 Listen and read

Put the bottle in the brown paper bag.


Track 29 Activity 14 Dialogue A Listen and write

Receptionist: Good morning. North East Community
Legal Centre.

Caller: Good morning, I’d like to talk to someone
about a problem I’m having.

Receptionist: Sure. It’s a legal problem is it?

Caller: I think so.

Receptionist: Can I ask where you live?

Caller: Yes, I live in Ringwood.

Receptionist: OK. And would you like to speak to one of
our lawyers?

Caller: Yes, but I’d like an interpreter please.

Receptionist: Sure. What language do you speak?

Caller: I speak Syriac.

Receptionist: Could I have your phone number please?

Caller: Yes, it’s 0431 233 572

Track 30 Activity 14 Dialogue B Listen and write

Receptionist: …Vicky speaking. Good morning.

Caller: Could I speak to Bronwyn Jacques

Receptionist: Putting you through now.

Bronwyn: Bronwyn Jaques.

Caller: Oh Bronwyn. It’s Michael speaking. I
won’t be able to come in to work today.
I’m feeling very sick.

Bronwyn: I’m sorry to hear that Michael. Look after

Caller: Thanks Bronwyn.

Track 31 Activity 14 Dialogue C Listen and write

Receptionist: … speaking. Good afternoon.

Caller: Hello, could you send me a complaints application form please?

Receptionist: Certainly, but did you know that you can
also apply online?

Caller: Yes but I don’t have a computer at the

Receptionist: OK. Could I have your address please?

Caller: Yes, I live at Unit 6, 49 White Street,

Track 32 Activity 14 Dialogue D Listen and write

Sam: Yep? Sam here.

Steve: Oh, hi Sam, it’s Steve from work.

Sam: Oh hi Steve. I haven’t seen you at work for a

Steve: No, I haven’t been well.

Sam: Oh that’s no good.

Steve: Sam, I wonder if you could do me a favour. You
were there last week when Mr Burns yelled at me
weren’t you?

Sam: Yes, I heard it. He was so loud. I thought he must
be drunk!

Steve: Yeah, well, do you remember what he said to me?

Sam: He said you should go back to the desert with all
your black brothers. He was very nasty.

Steve: Yeah, and it wasn’t the first time. The union says I
can make a complaint about him to the Australian
Human Rights Commission. And I want to ask you
if you’ll be a witness for me.

Sam: Of course I can, Steve. It’s just not right for him to
say that.

Steve: Oh thanks, Sam. You’re a real mate.

Sam: No worries. Just tell me what I have to do.

Steve: Well you just have to write down what you heard
and where and when it happened.

Track 33 Activity 14 Dialogue E Listen and write

Gianni: ….Gianni speaking. Can I help you?

Caller: Ah yes, could I order a large Supreme? No olives.

Gianni: Pick up or delivery?

Caller: I’ll pick it up.

Gianni: It’ll be ready in 20 minutes. Could I have your name
please and contact number?

Caller: Er, Piper. And the number is 0451 112 293.

Track 34 Activity 14 Dialogue F Listen and write

Receptionist: … Good morning. Rhonda speaking.

Caller: Oh hi. I’m wondering if I could get some
advice about a problem I’m having at work.

Receptionist: Ah yes. Are you a current member?

Caller: Yes.

Receptionist: Which suburb is your workplace in?

Caller: It’s in South Melbourne.

Receptionist: I’ll put you through to our Central organiser.

Caller: Thanks.

Track 35 Activity 16 Listen and repeat

t: hotel, plenty, lift, looked
d: driver, day, fired, older

Track 36 Activity 17 Listen and repeat

Track 37 Activity 18 Listen and write

a. card
b. cart
c. kissed
d. mate
e. maid
f. drip
g. dishes
h. taxi

Track 38 Activity 19 Listen and read

Tom didn’t do the dishes today.