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The Racial Hatred Act: Contents

In a television interview in September 1996,
Sir Ronald Wilson, President
of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, said:

 "Quotation Mark" The campaign in recent months against political correctness is really a
campaign, as I see it, in favour of freedom to vilify minorities. The majority,
which has been thought in this campaign to have been neglected, has never
needed the protection that marginalised groups need. And the whole purpose
of growing into a fairer Australia, an Australia that respects human rights
and respects each other as having a basic human dignity whatever their status
and position... that grand purpose is being denied by those who criticise
political correctness. Free speech has never been a licence for vilification.
 "Quotation Mark"



The Racial Hatred Act

Introduction: Zita Antonios, Race Discrimination

Why was the Racial Hatred Act introduced?

The media and racial hatred

The Racial Hatred Act What
is it and what does it mean for people working in the media?

What is a public place?

What sort of behaviour is unlawful?

What are the exemptions?

What are the implications for the

Does the new legislation affect freedom
of speech and expression?

What is the difference between defamation
and racial hatred legislation?

What happens if a complaint is brought
against a journalist or a media organisation?

Who is liable?

Are the penalties for racial hatred
criminal or civil?

Why have a national law?

Some responses to common misconceptions
about the racial hatred legislation

Reporting Race Issues Robert

Free Speech Comes At A Price Hugh Mackay


The case studies

Media Reports an introduction to the case

1. An Australian Muslim's experience of the media

2. Myth or Fact? Stereotyping and Indigenous Australians

3. Pauline Hanson's maiden speech

4. I don't know what I can laugh at anymore

5. Turning research findings into copy - a process
of selection


Racial Hatred Act (statute)

Further reading

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of this quide


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