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Rural and Remote Education Inquiry Briefing Paper

Rural and Remote

Education Inquiry Briefing Paper

The human right to education


This briefing paper

is a work in progress. It begins to summarise the human right to education


  1. Listing

    the sources of relevant rights

  2. Defining

    key terms

  3. Beginning

    a benchmarking process

Every child has the

right to an education. This is guaranteed in article 28 of the Convention

on the Rights of the Child. But what about its content and quality? What

should be the aims of education? The Convention specifies these in article

29. The Committee on the Rights of the Child recently published a detailed

explanatory note - a General Comment - on this article. Every child has

a right to an education "designed to provide the child with life skills,

to strengthen the child's capacity to enjoy the full range of human rights

and to promote a culture which is infused by appropriate human rights

values". Education must be "child-centred, child-friendly and empowering".


here to view the General Comment in full.


updated 2 December 2001.