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Same Sex: Submissions

Thanks You So Much for looking into this aspect.

I am a gay man with a long time (10 years) partner. He is an invalid pensioner and I so often see basic right ands entitlements that would be instantly awarded if he or I be a partner of the opposite sex.

I can understand the 'spiritual aspect' of marriage. I don't want that at all. What I want is the basic legal recognition that this is my partner in the same way as a civil union recognizes that 2 people are now legally a couple.

Things you might need to consider

What happens when one or the other partner's die. In a marriage if a will has not been made then the surviving partner is assumed to be the recipient. Without such a law a gay couple are still treated as just 2 people. This can raise issues where relatives of the decease make claims on property, monies etc. I know of at least 3 cases of friends in Australia where this has happened and the bereaved is placed into having to make long protracted legal battles.

Medicare supports marriages and de-facto's. plus offers helps etc to couples Nothing exists for gay relationships

In situation where there are children involved it can be devastating. If the children were that of the deceased then because there is not recognition of gay family - Any surviving kin to the children can claim them. Regardless of how long the gay couple have been together. Plus there is not guarantee that the surviving partner will have any access to the children afterwards.

Please - try and help correct these inequalities.

Many Thanks

David Boccabella