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Same Sex: Submissions

My Partner and I were expecting a child in 2005 but devastatingly our son was stillborn....When registering our sons death we could not put my partners name on his death certificate as the forms state mother and Father in SA however in WA VIC and Tas they say Parent and Parent......The fact that our son was stillborn in SA we had to put father unknown on his certificate even though he had two parents that loved him more than life itself.....Why did our son not deserve the right to have his parents listed on his death certificate ??? If a straight couple use donor sperm or donor eggs because one of them is infertile when a child is born or stillborn from that donation the non-genetic parent can still be listed on the Childs birth/death certificate even though genetically the child is not theirs so why not with gay parents ???? This to me is clearly discrimination in the strongest sense....Maybe when straight couples use donor eggs or sperm they should be made to write father or mother unknown on their child's Death/Birth certificate and then they will see how heart wrenching and soul destroying it is...... Children of gay parents and gay parents deserve the same rights as straight parents and the children of straight parents deserve don't you think ???????

[ name withheld ]