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A Time to Value - Submissions

A Time to Value - Proposal for a National Paid Maternity Leave Scheme


1 M H Dale

2 Katherine Whincop

3 Denise Traynor

4 Murray Johnson

5 Guy Witcomb

6 Lena Dimech

7 Josie Oldroyd

8 Ethel Ong

9 Martje McKenzie

10 Beryl Hutton

11 Jacqui Christian

12 Catherine Matson

13 Sandra Skelton


15 Graham Evans


17 Sue Pearce

18 Duanne Banham

19 Verlaine Bell

20 Kate Purcell
and Tim O'Reilly

21 Dr John Patterson

22 Australian African
Children's Aid and Support Association Inc.

23 Denis Wagner


25 Carrie Parsons

26 Kennedy and
Cooke Lawyers

27 Andrew Sipos

28 Lisa Dibb

29 Sandra Wills

30 Karen Wakely

31 Penny Stewart

32 Catherine Barnett

33 Ron Dickens

34 Brian Hopping

35 Chris Van Der

36 Christine Rau

37 Jo-anne Sheldrick

38 Michelle Falstein

39 Drew Seitam

40 Anne Sheehan

41 Khristine and
Michael Ryan-Wilson

42 Paul Webb

43 Dr Lincoln Hayes

44 Australian Adoption

45 Peter and Madeleine

46 National Federation
of Independent Business Inc.

47 Susanna Lobez

48 Women's Studies
Research Unit, School of Social Work, University of Melbourne


50 Dianne Dearden

51 Australian Society
for Intercountry Aid For Children (New South Wales) Inc.

52 Kay Channer

53 Australian Institute
of Company Directors

54 Underemployed
People's Union of Western Australia

55 Collette Stubbs

56 Helen Parkes

57 Meg Murray


59 Dr Vicki Clifton,
Mothers' and Babies' Research Centre, John Hunter Hospital

60 Women's Health
in the North (Victoria)

61 The Centre for
Business and Industry Pty Ltd

62 Jill Johnson

63 Stefan Slucki

64 Murray Ceff

65 Maryse Usher

66 Gerry Watts


68 National Women's
Council of South Australia

69 Narelle Wasley

70 Patricia May

71 South Australian
Equal Opportunity Commissioner

72 Professor Karen
Simmer, Neonatology Clinical Care Unit, King Edward and Princess Margaret
Hospitals and University of Western Australia

73 Rita Bentley

74 Sue Lester

75 Christine Worth

76 University of
Melbourne Postgraduate Association

77 New South Wales
EEO Practitioners' Association

78 Anna Edgelow

79 Janette Denison

80 Rosemary Freney

81 Kolan Shire

82 President, BPW

83 Merryl McKay

84 Northern Territory
Trades and Labor Council

85 Joan Larsen

86 Women's Legal
Service (Tasmania) Inc.

87 Australian Institute
of Health and Welfare

88 E Flanagan

89 Union of Australian
Women Inc.

90 Del Purcell

91 Professor Philip
Gammage, Department of Education and Children's Services, South Australia

92 Australian Family

93 M E Noonan

94 Win Wise

95 National Health
and Medical Research Council

96 Victorian Council
Of Social Service

97 Professor Warwick
Giles, Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, John Hunter Hospital

98 Women's Economic
Policy Analysis Unit, Curtin University of Technology

99 Margaret Kelaher,
Centre for Health Program Evaluation, Monash University

100 Women's Council,
Liberal Party of Australia (South Australia Division)

101 Australian
Federation of University Women - Victoria Inc.

102 Festival of
Light (South Australia)

103 Australian
Family Association (New South Wales)

104 Mothers of

105 Kimberley Meyer

106 Dr Alex Robson,
School of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, Australian National

107 Coles Myer

108 Association
of Independent Schools of Victoria

109 Salt Shakers

110 Public Service
Association of New South Wales

111 A Rolfe

112 Victorian Automobile
Chamber of Commerce

113 Australian
Institute of Family Studies

114 Australian
Family Association (Queensland Branch)

115 Adoptive Families
Association of the Australian Capital Territory Inc.

116 Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander Commission Katherine

Part A - Individual

Part B - Individual

Part C - Individual

Part D - Individual

Part E - Individual

Part F - Individual

Part G - Individual

Part H - Individual

117 Council of
Small Business Organisations of Australia Ltd

118 BPW New South

119 Australian
Business Industrial

120 Australian
Capital Territory Ministerial Advisory Council on Women

121 Australian
Industry Group

122 Australian
Education Union

123 Australian
Nursing Federation

124 Greg Byrne

125 Women's Economic
Think Tank

126 Presbyterian
Women's Association of Australia in New South Wales

127 YWCA Victoria

128 National Women's
Council of Australia Inc. Ltd

Part A - National
Women's Council of South Australia

Part B - Individual

Part C - Individual

Part D - Advisers' meeting of National Women's Council - Western Australia

129 Catholic Women's
League Western Australia

130 Australian
Mines and Metals Association Inc.

131 Rob and Noline

132 Soft Furnishings
Industry Association of Australia Inc.

133 Eleanor Wilson

134 Queensland
Nurses' Union

135 Dr Jane Thompson
Clinical Health Improvement Program, Women's and Children's Health,
Canberra Hospital

136 Dr Romaine
Rutman, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Australian
National University

137 Victorian Women

138 Joan Cross

139 Flight Attendants'
Association of Australia

140 Australian
Women Lawyers

141 Motor Traders'
Association of New South Wales

142 Motor Trade
Association of South Australia Inc.

143 H Colley

144 Endeavour Forum

145 International
Adoptive Parents Association Inc.

146 Women's Action
Alliance (Australia) Inc.

147 Cameron Paroz

148 BPW Australia

149 Melissa Austin

150 Karen Bijkersma

151 Marty Grace,
Department of Social Inquiry and Community Studies, Victoria University

152 R P

153 Australian
Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union

154 Australian
Services Union MEU Private Sector Victorian Branch

155 Monica Naughton

156 Local Government
Association of Queensland Inc.

157 Beryl Byrne

158 Immigrant Women's
Speakout Association New South Wales Inc.

159 EMILY's List

160 National Farmers'
Federation Ltd

161 Finance Sector
Union of Australia

162 Illawarra Forum
Inc. and Illawarra Women's Health Centre

163 Victorian Independent
Education Union

164 Jason Corney

165 Australian
Retailers Association

166 Tresillian
Family Care Centres

167 National Community
Child Health Council


169 National Tertiary
Education Industry Union


171 Work/Life Association
Australia Inc.

172 Printing Industries
Association of Australia

173 Shop, Distributive
and Allied Employees' Association

174 Hawke Institute,
University of South Australia

175 Patrick Healy

176 Dr Patricia
Todd and Dr Judy Skene, Organisational and Labour Studies, University
of Western Australia

177 Briana Witten

178 BPW, Adelaide

Part A - Doris

Part B - Individual

179 Australian
Federation of University Women (South Australia) Inc.

180 Angelo Zanatta


182 Diane McGill

183 George and
Lydia Kokonis

184 Paul Russell

185 Mary Banks

186 Graeme Cray

187 Susan Tucker

188 Agnes and Matt

189 Australian
Services Union South Australia and Northern Territory Branch

190 Hume Doors
and Timber (Queensland) Pty Ltd

191 Job Watch Inc.

192 Beverly Walker

193 Linda Pascal

194 Australian
Catholic Commission for Employment Relations

195 Catholic Women's
League Australia Inc.

196 motherInc.

197 Australian
Chamber of Commerce and Industry

198 Public Service
Association of South Australia Inc.

199 Australian
Hotels Association

200 Betty Scott

201 Women in the
Department of Education and Children's Services Reference Committee,
South Australia

202 Australian
Federation of University Women (Inc.)

203 Genevieve Atkinson

204 Independent
Education Union of Australia

205 Cathy Sherry


207 David Graham

208 Australian
Council of Trade Unions

209 Australian
Society for Intercountry Aid for Children, Tasmania

210 Sandra Robinson

211 United Trades
and Labor Council of South Australia

212 Lisa Park

213 Julie Lynch

214 Anti-Discrimination
Board of New South Wales

215 Law Institute
of Victoria


217 Equal Opportunity
for Women in the Workplace Agency

218 Labor Council
of New South Wales

219 Queensland
Working Women's Service Inc.

220 Recruitment
and Consulting Services Association Ltd

221 National Diversity
Think Tank

222 Australian
Breastfeeding Association

223 Federation
of Community Legal Centres (Victoria) Inc.

224 National Pay
Equity Coalition

225 New South Wales
Working Women's Centre Inc.

226 CSIRO Staff

227 Community and
Public Sector Union (Public Sector Union Group)

228 YWCA of Australia

229 Paediatrics
and Child Health Division, Royal Australasian College of Physicians

230 Community and
Public Sector Union - State Public Services Federation Group

231 State Chamber
of Commerce (New South Wales)

232 Lyn Collins
and Barbara Pocock

233 Peter Tatham,
Careers and Employment Service, University of Tasmania

234 Centre for
Applied Social Research, RMIT University

235 Isobel Gawler

236 Catholic Women's
League Tasmania Inc.

237 Australian
Manufacturing Workers' Union

238 C Harvey

239 Queensland
Council of Unions

240 Equal Opportunity
Commission Victoria

241 Dr Lyndall
Strazdins, Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Australian
National University

242 Ethnic Communities'
Council of Victoria Inc.

243 Hunter Business

244 Tasmanian Government

245 Western Australian

246 New South Wales
Young Lawyers Employment and Industrial Law Committee

247 Law Council
of Australia

248 Women's Electoral
Lobby Australia Inc.

249 Men's Confraternity
(Western Australia) Inc.

250 Victorian Government

251 Work + Family
Research Group, University of Sydney

252 Council for
Equal Opportunity in Employment Ltd


254 Union Research
Centre on Organisation and Technology Ltd

255 Australian
Mines and Metals Association Inc. (supplementary)

256 Women's Economic
Think Tank (supplementary)

257 National Pay
Equity Coalition (supplementary)