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Voices of Australia: Activity sheet 5 - rightsED

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Voices of Australia - Activity sheet 5

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Information map

This activity is designed as a matching activity. Cut the individual boxes and give
students a set each of questions and answers to match correctly.


Quick answer

What is racial discrimination?

Treating one person differently to another because of their race, colour,
ethnic origin or nationality.

What is the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA)?

A law that protects the rights of people in Australia.

Why is the RDA important in our society?

So that all people can enjoy and participate in society equally.

How does the RDA work?

People who have been treated unfairly can make a complaint to the Australian
Human Rights Commission.

How does the RDA relate to me?

  • affects the way you treat others
  • affects the way other people treat you

When did the RDA begin?


Where did the RDA come from?

International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial

Who has used it?

Individuals and communities who have been discriminated against under the
law. See landmark cases

Who has benefited from it?

Any Australian who has been treated unequally before the law.

All Australian people benefit from laws that promote equality.