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Young people in the workplace: Activity sheet - rightsED

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Young people in the workplace - Activity sheet 4

The workplace - your rights and responsibilities

As you watch the DVD or read the script, use this activity
sheet to make some notes.

This sheet will help you to identify some of the questions
that are raised in the DVD/script.





Scene two - the interview

1. Does Mr Robinson (the boss) conduct an appropriate




2. Does Mr Robinson discriminate against Lian or harass
her in any way?




3. Is this workplace well set up to handle staff




Scene three - introduction to the

4. Is the computer screen saver an example of sexual




5. Does the boss treat Lian appropriately over the
matter of future training?




6. Do you think his treatment of Lian is




Scene four - workplace

7. Is Tony's treatment of Lian just good fun or do you
think it is harassment?




8. Does Tony threaten Lian in any way?




9. Does the supervisor act appropriately?




Scene five - equal

10. Does Len (the supervisor) discriminate against Lian
in the tasks he sets her?




11. Does he deny her any opportunities to advance in the
workplace? Is this discrimination?




12. Does Len respond appropriately to Lian's




Scene six - race issues

13. Why do Kenny's workmates pick on him?




14. Do his mates discriminate against Kenny as a person
or as a member of a particular racial group?




15. Are comments about Aboriginal customs




16. Does Len treat Kenny appropriately?




17. What are the assumptions being made about Kenny
because of the Aboriginal flag badge?




18. Can you see examples of stereotyping in this




Scene seven - what can they

19. What are the main problems that Lian and Kenny face
in the workplace?




20. Are the suggestions made by their friends




21. Do the rights applying in the workplace exist for
casual staff as well as permanent staff?




22. Who is acting unlawfully in this workplace?