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Video Transcript

SNEAK PEEK Twenty Years: Twenty Stories

This document provides a text version and description of the footage in the Ambassador video featuring Kurt Fearnley for Twenty Years: Twenty Stories.

KURT FEARNLEY: Today there are so many people discussing disability.

Paralympian Kurt Fearnley speaking in park to camera.

KURT FEARNLEY: It’s been great to see the, the increase in promotion around the rights of someone with a disability including access, inclusion and just in general, respect.

Shot of Sekou Kanneh crouching down on the race tracks and ready to run with the sun in the background creating a silhouette image.

Zoom in to Scarlett Finney sitting on her bed with the word “Dream” on her wall.

GRAEME INNES: But these changes aren’t just about individuals. Whether they were the lodging of complaints, an action in court, or just using the DDA as an advocacy tool, these are changes that have benefitted many, many other people.

Zoom in of a TTY and Geoff Scott typing on his TTY in his home

Graeme Innes, Disability Discrimination Commissioner sitting on a train

Over the shoulder shot of Keith Sutton, sitting on a chair in the kitchen, as he picks up an old photo of his children when they were younger

Patricia Sutton embracing her son with a hug on the street outside his house

Building Better Lives advocates happily chatting in a café

Pan shot of Jake Briggs wearing a construction hat sitting in his wheelchair with the blue sky in the background

GRAEME INNES: It’s about the buses that we ride on, the buildings that we go into, the schools we attend, and the movies that are now captioned and audio described.

Maurice Corcoran getting onto a bus using his wheelchair

Bradley Kinsela wheeling his wheelchair near a building

School girl sitting in a library with her friends at school

John Byrne, smiling and sitting in a movie theatre

KURT FEARNLEY: the 20 years 20 stories is a way to promote those stories, promote the lives of 20 Australians, who’ve fought battles over the years to bring disability where it is right now.

Kurt Fearnley speaking in park to camera.

Maurice Corcoran waiting at a bus stop in his wheelchair

Close up shot of Sekou Kanneh brushing his hair with a pink comb

KURT FEARNLEY: Where people across the country are talking about it. And it’s also a way to ensure that we progress and develop and continue along that path of disability empowerment.

Close up shot of Bruce Maguire playing a wooden flute
Stella Young in her wheelchair on a shopping sidewalk.
Kurt Fearnley speaking in park to camera.

Screen fades to black.