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Other websites on Magna Carta

  • Discovering Democracy - contains a unit on ‘Parliament Versus Monarch’ which explores the significance of Magna Carta.
  • Australian Rule of Law Institute - Magna Carta Legacy – explains key ideas from Magna Carta and contains international case studies which trace how ideas from Magna Carta are recognised in legal systems today.
  • The Magna Carta Project – a UK Arts and Humanities Research Council website, which includes a ‘Magna Carta for Schools’ section.
  • Magna Carta 800th - a UK commemorative website celebrating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta with a “Schools” section.
  • British Library – Magna Carta - a comprehensive collection of digital resources to commemorate Magna Carta, including videos, online activities and teaching resources.
  • UK National Archives – Magna Carta - an interactive web game that provides and in-depth exploration of the historical events and context surrounding Magna Carta.

Other educational resources from
The Australian Human Rights Commission

  • For Teachers - the Commission's series of online education resources - RightsED - are designed to assist students to develop the attitudes, behaviours and skills to apply human rights in everyday life.
  • For Students – this webpage contains resources to help students find out more about human right and get involved.
  • Choose Your Own Statistics – is a website created with ABC Splash to assist students to find out more about important human rights issues in Australian society through statistics.
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