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Does the Metaverse Threaten your Right to Privacy Online?

Technology and Human Rights
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Privacy in the Metaverse

The Metaverse will pose a serious risk to consumers' data and information as this emerging technology intrudes into the personal lives of users on an unprecedented level. The right to privacy will be eroded if safeguards are not put in place during the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ which is characterised by rapid technological development.

Our Submission 

The Australian Human Rights Commission is pleased to announce our submission Privacy Risks in the Metaverse has now been provided to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. 

The Australian Human Rights Commission made its submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on 05 April 2023 in response to the Expanding Ecosystems of Digital Platform Service Providers Issue Paper, as part of the Digital platform services inquiry 2020–25

Our Input

The Commission made a submission that raised several privacy risks of technology companies expanding their operations into metaverse technologies, such as:

  • Expanding ecosystems.
  • The human right to privacy.
  • The privacy paradox.
  • Collection of data.

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