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 Want to know more about human rights - like what are they and where do they come from? In this section, find out about the history of human rights and why they are important to us today.

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Looking for ideas on how to promote and protect human rights? Find out what you can do to stand up for human rights in your local community and beyond!

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Need to talk to someone about a problem or issue you are facing? Get information about who you can talk to here.

Hot Topics

Interested in contemporary human rights issues affecting Australians today? This section provides links to a range of different topics.


Magna Carta: Story of Our Freedom

What does an ancient document, written on a piece of dried animal skin over 800 years ago, have anything to do with the human rights and freedoms we enjoy today?

Magna Carta (the Great Charter) is an important historical document that has shaped the human rights and freedoms of all Australians. In particular, Magna Carta helped promote ideas of freedom, justice and the rule of law, principles which have become key parts of Australian democracy.

Find out the full story by watching the animation and exploring the interactive story on the Magna Carta: Story of Our Freedom website.

Back me up

BackMeUp 2013

BackMeUp was a video competition for students aimed at taking action on cyberbullying. To get involved, all you had to do was make a short video (no more than 2 minutes) about how you could help someone who is being cyber-bullied.  See the great videos!

choose your own statistics

Choose your own statistics

The Australian Human Rights Commission and ABC Splash have worked together to design a unique interactive website for school students.

The Choose Your Own Statistics website has been developed to meet the learning requirements of the Australian Mathematics curriculum and the topics included have been specifically selected to address the Australian Curriculum's Ethical Understanding general capability.

Year: Years 5-8 (10-13 years old)