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Age Discrimination

Young, old and everyone in between – Australians of all ages have the right to be treated fairly and to enjoy the same opportunities as others.

Meet the Commissioner

The Hon Dr Kay Patterson AO

Dr Patterson began her role as the Age Discrimination Commissioner on 29th July, 2016. She has demonstrated a strong interest in issues affecting older people throughout her professional life.  Leaving school at 15 and then managing a small business, she returned to school and gained a BA (Hons) at the University of Sydney and a PhD in Psychology and Dip Ed at Monash University. 

She taught allied health science students for 11 years.  She studied gerontology at two universities in the USA and used the knowledge gained during those visits to co-develop the first Victorian post-graduate diploma in gerontology and to introduce gerontology into the undergraduate behavioural science courses.

Latest News

Discrimination Age Discrimination

Elder abuse conference to drive positive change

The abuse of older Australians and how to prevent it will be the main focus of the 7th National Elder Abuse Conference this week of which Age Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Kay Patterson AO is the Walk the Talk Ambassador.

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Discrimination Age Discrimination

Generational divide? It’s more myth than reality

Although antagonism between the generations is often seen as inevitable, the ‘generational wars’ we hear about are not supported by Australians themselves. 
 A new report by the Australian Human Rights Commission, What’s age got to do with it? A snapshot of ageism across the Australian lifespan...


Top Projects

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Discrimination Age Discrimination

Elder abuse

Elder abuse can take various forms, including: financial, physical, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse, or neglect. No older person should be subjected to any form of abuse.