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Race Discrimination

Join us in building communities where people of all cultures and backgrounds feel safe, respected and included.

Meet the Commissioner

Giridharan Sivaraman

Giridharan Sivaraman commences as Race Discrimination Commissioner on 4 March 2024.

Mr Sivaraman is currently the Chair of Multicultural Australia and a Principal Lawyer at Maurice Blackburn, where he is head of the firm's Queensland Employment Law department. He has run numerous state and national race discrimination cases and led the pro bono compensation scheme for underpaid 7-Eleven workers.

He is a member of Multicultural Australia and the Queensland Multicultural Advisory Council. He appeared at a state parliamentary inquiry to demand legal reform to better protect the rights of victims of racial vilification.

Giridharan Sivaraman, Race Discrimination Commissioner

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Race Discrimination

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Race Discrimination

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