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New guidelines for Commission appointments

Commission – General
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New guidelines (PDF 378 kb) to ensure Commission appointments are merit-based and transparent have been published by the Attorney-General. They set out the process for the appointment of the President and Commissioners of the AHRC.

Features of the guidelines include public advertising, an initial tenure of 5 years (with a maximum of 7 years), and assessment of candidates by senior public servants.

UN and Australian standards

Adapted from the government’s Merit and Transparency Guidelines, the guidelines are designed to be read in conjunction with provisions of Australia’s anti-discrimination laws.

They are also in line with the Paris Principles, the United Nations standards for national human rights institutions.

Seeking feedback

The Attorney-General’s Department is seeking public feedback about whether the guidelines are transparent and accessible, and provide clear information about the appointment process.

You can read the guidelines and provide comment until 22 August 2023.

The Department particularly wants to hear from people with an interest in the future selection of commissioners to the AHRC.