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Power of Oldness

Age Discrimination

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I know what you're thinking.

I'm old. Very old.

And you might be wondering

how did I get so lucky?

Because, as you and I know, old people can do amazing things.

We're experienced, and we know how things work.

We help in our communities in ways big
and small.

We're active in life, and online.

We add billions to the economy.

[Sold to number 55]

And when it comes to the tough choices we've got the wisdom to get it right.

[Whistle blow]

Oldness. It's everywhere.

And if you're lucky

it could happen to you.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees the true power of oldness

[Music shuts down]

[Office hum]

Sorry sir,....

we're looking for someone… younger.

It’s time to fight age discrimination

Share the true Power of Oldness at

A campaign by the Australian Human Rights Commission

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