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Children's Children's Rights

Protect children from data surveillance

Even before birth, Australian children are the targets of technology that collects their data and threatens their privacy – but right now we have an opportunity to protect them and future generations.
 Parents who use pregnancy apps or share ultrasounds on social media can expect information about...

Discrimination Sex Discrimination

The courage of Review participants is inspiring

“And you said it would never happen!” This was the text I received following the announcement that the Australian Human Rights Commission would conduct an independent review into Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces.

Rights Rights and Freedoms

Commission’s report into prolonged detention following visa cancellation

The Government should appoint an independent reviewer to examine the basis for the continued detention of people who have been in immigration detention for prolonged periods, including a detailed assessment of any risk they pose to the community, the President of the Australian Human Rights...

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Aboriginal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice

Return to country endangered by failure to invest

Covid-19 has triggered the most significant return to country by First Nations people since the homeland movement commenced in the 1960s. Thousands, like myself, returned to remote communities out of necessity. Facing the unknown, our family leaders who could made the courageous decision to gather...

Asylum Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Commissioners call for compassionate decision on Tamil family

Australia's Human Rights Commissioner and National Children's Commissioner have welcomed the release of the Murugappan family from closed immigration detention on Christmas Island into community detention. However, the decision does not resolve the family’s long-term future. The Commission has long...

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