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Age Discrimination

Willing to Work - Booklet 3: employment and Australians with disability


Willing to Work - Booklet 2: employment and older Australians


Willing to Work - Booklet 1: about the National Inquiry


National prevalence survey of age discrimination in the workplace 2015


Living longer requires better policies to support longevity

Age Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan has welcomed Treasurer Joe Hockey’s reference to the possibility of someone celebrating their 150 year birthday.

“This is a dramatic but important way of reminding all of us that we are living much longer than previous generations and our life spans will continue to lengthen,” said Commissioner Ryan.

Ms Ryan describes the current situation for older workers as “often disastrous”, as people who lose their jobs in their 50s struggle to find new jobs.

The Longevity Revolution – Crisis or Opportunity?

National Press Club Address

Power of Oldness

Campaign highlighting the discrimination mature workers face when trying to gain or maintain jobs

Fact or fiction? Stereotypes of older Australians

older woman with a sign "Active"

The damaging effects of negative stereotypes on the lives of older people

Fact or fiction? Stereotypes of older Australians Research Report 2013


Greedy pensioners? Far from it

There is strong evidence that older Australians have the skills, knowledge, and desire to contribute in the Australian workforce. So why are so many denied the opportunity? Susan Ryan says unfounded negative stereotypes undermine great economic potential.

Older Australians are commonly perceived as an economic burden on younger generations. They are typecast as unable to learn or up-skill, highly dependent, likely to be sick and exorbitant spenders of public funds, especially in the areas of aged care and health services.