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AHRC Reports

Ethical AI and Global Governance

Learn more about why the global governance of AI must be ethical and centre on human rights to ensure widespread adoption.

Mr Watt v State of NSW (Corrective Services NSW) (2023)


Mr RG v Commonwealth of Australia (Department of Home Affairs) (2023)


Artificial Intelligence and Discrimination in Insurance

Blurred binary over a computer backdrop

Learn more about avoiding discriminatory conduct when using artificial intelligence for insurance pricing and underwriting decisions.

Final Report Summary: Human Rights and Technology


Final Report: Human Rights and Technology


Australians Deserve Technology that Protects Human Rights

Content type: Media Release
Learn more about how ethical AI, facial recognition and biometrics technologies can embody human rights if designed and deployed appropriately.

Technical Paper: Addressing Algorithmic Bias


New tools for ethical AI

Learn more about how to develop and deploy ethical AI to combat algorithmic bias and protect human rights.

Discussion Paper: Human Rights and Technology