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Close the Gap - Indigenous Health

Close the Gap: Indigenous Health Campaign

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Working together to achieve health and life expectation equality for Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Urgent funding needed to support Indigenous community-led health solutions

The Close the Gap campaign has called for an urgent investment in community-led health services to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the country.

CLOSE THE GAP: Listen to our solutions, hear our voices

The Close the Gap Campaign has called for urgent investment in First Nations health equality and the adoption of the Uluru Statement from the Heart by governments of every level.

The 2021 Close the Gap report, released today (National Close the Gap Day), has 15 recommendations for large-scale systemic reform necessary in order to avoid further preventable deaths and protect Indigenous health, wellbeing, culture and Country.

CLOSE THE GAP: We’re waiting but we will not be left wanting

The Close the Gap Campaign looks forward to seeing a comprehensive report on the refreshed targets for Closing the Gap by July.

Learning from crisis

Six weeks ago I returned to my traditional homeland near Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia. Thanks to modern technology, I am working remotely and continuing my duties as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner.

Like many Aboriginal people, I chose to return to Country because COVID-19 travel restrictions made homeland communities the safest place to see out the pandemic. As a mature Aboriginal woman, I am statistically at greater risk from COVID-19. It was important to follow the advice of health experts.

We say: No more preventable deaths

The Close the Gap Campaign has warned that only systemic reform will make up for the harrowing failure of the last 12 years of government policy on closing the gaps in health equity, social and economic disadvantage for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Close the Gap (2020)


Close the Gap Campaign Media Statement

The Close the Gap Campaign has warned that the ongoing gap in life expectancy, health outcomes and child mortality rates for Indigenous Australians is absolutely intolerable.

The Closing the Gap report, released today, reveals the same familiar disappointing story as previous reports. Only two of the original seven Closing the Gap targets are on track to be met within their timeframes – the same two targets as last year.

Removal of Indigenous Children is human rights concern

In a powerful speech on November 20, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar called for government at all levels in Australia to “flip the system from crisis to prevention investment”.

The keynote speech, delivered at the AbSec Biennial Conference, draws attention to the direct and cyclical link between high rates of removal of Indigenous children into out-of-home care and poor outcomes for Indigenous communities across Australia.

Indigenous health response 'woeful' says UN investigator

The Close the Gap Campaign urges Australian governments to act on the recommendations of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.