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Human Rights Treaties

Stopping Killer Robots

Learn more about how lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) threaten human rights and why they must be prohibited.

International engagement

Wednesday 20 January, 2021
The Commission is Australia's 'A status' national human rights institution. The Commission's engages internationally with UN human rights mechanisms, NHRIs, and other countries.

Victorian Parliament Iftar Dinner

Remarks of Edward Santow, Human Rights Commissioner to the 12th Annual Victorian Parliament Iftar Dinner


Nature of obligations regarding economic, social and cultural rights

Friday 3 May, 2013

Learn how our human rights are protected under the law and can only be altered by the state in the case of a national emergency and only within reason.

OPCAT: Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture

(OPCAT) is an international agreement aimed at preventing torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.