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FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

Business and Human Rights
Womens FIFA team in huddle

Invitation to participate in an online submission process

We invited interested individuals and organisations to participate in our consultation process by making an online submission, particularly those representing the views or interests of:

  1. players and their team entourages (including coaches and support staff),
  2. workers (including within the supply chain) and volunteers, and
  3. spectators and local communities in Australia and New Zealand.

The human rights risk assessment examined the potential human rights impacts of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The assessment explored a wide range of human rights issues with a focus on the appropriate treatment of workers and volunteers, and the inclusion, safety and wellbeing of players, workers, spectators and the community more broadly.

Due to the broad range of human rights issues to be explored in this risk assessment, we ask all participants to be as specific as possible and provide examples or case studies where possible. Participants were able to provide any documents for review with their submission.

We note that submissions may be referenced or quoted in the final report. We may contact you to clarify aspects of your submission. Confidential submissions could be received by contacting the project team directly by email to:

At the close of submissions, a total of five (5) written submissions were received.