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National Anti-Racism Framework

Race Race Discrimination
Happy friends from many racial backgrounds
15 days, 4 hours left (of 106 days)

The Australian Human Rights Commission is inviting submissions to inform the development of a National Anti-Racism Framework (the Framework).

The Framework will be a long-term, central reference point to guide actions on anti-racism and equality by government, NGOs, business, communities, and other sectors.

The Commission is very interested to hear from those with expertise and knowledge of anti-racism initiatives and in responding to racism at structural, institutional, and inter-personal levels, including:

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander knowledge holders and community members with lived experience of racism
  • Community members from migrant, refugee and/or faith-based backgrounds with lived experience of racism
  • Representatives from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak or community organisations
  • Representatives from a migrant, refugee, settlement and faith-based peak or community organisation
  • Representatives of Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies and departments
  • Representatives of human rights agencies, advocacy organisations or legal practitioners
  • Practitioners and/or experts in the identified outcome areas of the Framework
  • Researchers in the identified outcome areas of the Framework.

The Commission released a Concept Paper, which details proposed principles, outcomes and strategies for the Framework. It has also compiled a Submissions Guide, which provides more information on the Framework development process and shares findings from early stakeholder consultations. 

The Commission invites submissions in any language and in any format, including writing, audio, video and images, subject to its Submissions Policy. You can fill out the guided submission form and/or upload your own file as a submission.

Race Discrimination Team
Australian Human Rights Commission
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001


Chinese (Simplified):



تدعوكم المفوضية لتقديم الإسهامات بأي لغة وبأي شكل،

بما في ذلك كتابة وبالصوت والفيديو والصور، مع مراعاة

سياستها الخاصة بتقديم الإسهامات . يمكنكم تعبئة نموذج

الإسهامات الإرشادي الذي يحتوي على أسئلة باللغة

الإنجليزية و/أو تحميل ملفكم الخاص باستخدام الروابط


Chinese (Traditional):



Ủy hội xin mời mọi người nộp văn bản ý kiến của mình viết bằng bất kỳ ngôn ngữ và theo bất kỳ định dạng nào, bao gồm văn bản, thâu âm, video và hình chụp, theo đúng Chính sách về đệ trình của Ủy hội. Quý vị có thể điền mẫu đệ trình có hướng dẫn, có các câu hỏi tiếng Anh và/hoặc tải lên tệp tin của riêng quý vị, sử dụng các đường dẫn (links) dưới đây.


La Commissione invita la presentazione di suggerimenti e istanze in qualsiasi lingua e in qualsiasi formato tra cui per iscritto, audio, video e a mezzo immagini, nel rispetto della propria politica in materia di presentazioni. Puoi compilare il modulo guidato per la presentazione che presenta domande in inglese e/o scaricare il tuo file usando i link che seguono.


Η Επιτροπή καλεί τους ενδιαφερόμενους να υποβάλουν εισηγήσεις σε οποιαδήποτε γλώσσα και σε οποιαδήποτε μορφή, συμπεριλαμβανομένων εγγράφων, αρχείων ήχου, βίντεο και εικόνων, σύμφωνα με την Πολιτική Υποβολής Εισηγήσεων. Μπορείτε να συμπληρώσετε το έντυπο υποβολής εισήγησης, το οποίο περιέχει ερωτήσεις στα Αγγλικά, ή/και να ανεβάσετε το δικό σας αρχείο, χρησιμοποιώντας τους παρακάτω συνδέσμους.

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What will happen to your submission?

Submissions will be used for the purposes of developing the National Anti-Racism Framework, for any subsequent reporting, and for the promotion and utilisation of any report. Please note that:

  • submissions may be provided by the Commission to our Minister, Parliament and other government agencies or subject to Freedom of Information requests
  • the Commission aims to publish submissions on its website
  • you can indicate on your submission if you wish for your submission to be kept confidential
  • the Commission reserves the right to edit (for example, remove defamatory material or de-identify personal or sensitive information), or not to publish a submission, or any part of a submission, on its website at its own discretion.

Further information about publication and privacy in relation to the submissions process can be found in the Commission’s Submissions Policy.

Guided Form Questions

Please note that the Submissions Guide, below, provides broader context for these questions. 

Make a submission

Are you:
(Please tick all that apply)
Are you submitting on behalf of an:
Focus areas

The following questions ask about the issues and areas to be addressed in the National Anti-Racism Framework. Please feel free to focus on your areas of interest and expertise. 
Which issues/areas can the Framework best provide guidance on (choose all that apply):
Evaluation and accountability 

The following questions ask for examples and ideas for how the Framework can provide best practice guidance and ensure accountability for progress against its outcomes. 
Building the Framework
We would like to know more about your views on the guiding ideas and approach of the Framework. It may be useful to refer to the Concept Paper and Submissions Guide before you answer these questions. While the following questions focus on the bigger picture, you can also focus on those areas that are most relevant to your experience and expertise in your response.

Other comments

To attach a document as your submission or in addition to your completed submission form, please click the ‘choose file’ button below. 
One file only.
30 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, png, txt, pdf, doc, docx, avi, mov, mp3, wav, mp4.