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About the report and credits - Social Justice Report 2010

Social Justice Report 2010

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About the report and credits

Please be aware that this publication may contain the names or images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who may now be deceased.

© Australian Human Rights Commission 2011

This work is protected by copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), no part may be used or reproduced by any
process without prior written permission from the Australian Human Rights
Commission. Enquiries should be addressed to Public Affairs at

Social Justice Report 2010

ISSN 1837 - 6428 (Print) and ISSN 1837 - 6436 (Online)


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner thanks
the following staff and interns of the Australian Human Rights Commission for
their contribution to the Social Justice Report 2010: Alison Aggarwal,
Fabienne Balsamo, Nick Burrage, Allyson Campbell, Jackie Hartley, Andy Gargett,
Katie Kiss, Emilie Priday (staff); Gideon Kibret (Intern, University of Sydney);
Jacintha Manton, Caroline Dimond (Interns, The Aurora Project). Contributions
by Darren Dick, Priyanga Hettiarachi, Chris Holland and Margaret Raven of the
Australian Human Rights Commission are also acknowledged.

The Social Justice Commissioner especially thanks all those who assisted with
the preparation of this Report. A full list of acknowledgements is contained at
Appendix 1.

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The cover photograph reflects a key theme of the Report and the Social
Justice Commissioner’s priorities – building deeper and stronger

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