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Working past our 60s

Age Discrimination
Photo: Older worker in a warehouse

As a society, we have been slow to recognise that millions of older Australians are locked out of the workforce by age discrimination. We are only now starting to understand what a terrible waste of human capital this situation represents; a loss to the national economy and to businesses large and small, and a loss to the individual who is pushed out of the workforce prematurely.

At the Australian Human Rights Commission, we are tackling the fundamental societal attitudes that underlie age discrimination. We also want to shine a light on policies and laws that prevent older people working, even when they can find jobs.
The age thresholds that apply to workers compensation, income insurance and to essential professional licenses, limit the access that older people have to the workforce. 

All of these age bars can, and should, be dismantled. My hope, in publishing this paper, is to spread awareness of these forms of age discrimination and thus encourage decision makers to devise and implement positive reforms.

Most of us want to work past our 60’s, but we need to be able to do this in safety and security.