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Annual Report 1999-2000: Performance management

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Annual Report 1999 - 2000

Performance management and
staff development

The Commission implemented
a Performance Management Scheme for all staff from 1 July 1999. The scheme
is intended to strengthen and support the Commission in performing its
functions by providing regular and formal assessment of employees' work
performance and to provide employees with skill development and career
advancement opportunities. A review of the Commission's Performance Management
Scheme guidelines, to evaluate its effectiveness and the need to make
changes to how it is operating, is planned after completion of the first
cycle (1 July 1999 to 30 June 2000.

The Commission's
Certified Agreement 2000-2002 also recognises the need to provide adequate
training support to accompany changes, innovations or improvements to
work arrangements. This is of particular importance with ongoing changes
in the Information Technology field where staff are provided with relevant
and ongoing computer training.

The Certified Agreement
also supports access to the Commission's Studies Assistance policy, where
study is relevant to the work of the Commission, an individual's work
reponsibilities and where it assists with ongoing career development.
Staff who have been unable to complete schooling or commence tertiary
studies due to personal circumstances are encouraged to apply for assistance.

updated 1 December 2001.