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Annual Report 1999-2000: Workplace diversity

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Annual Report 1999 - 2000

Workplace diversity and equal
employment opportunity

The Commission's
Workplace Diversity Plan was finalised in September 1999. The Commission
recognises that diversity in its staff is one of its greatest strengths
and assets and is committed to ensuring that its Workplace Diversity Plan
achieves its objectives and is congruent with the external approach promoted
by the Commission. All staff were provided with the opportunity to contribute
to the Plan. The Plan's objectives are defined under three broad areas,
covering the organisation, the working environment and the people. Particular
strategies, including a focus on indigenous people, people with family
responsibilities and people with disabilities have been outlined in the
Plan. The Commission continues to support family friendly practices in
the workplace through its recent Certified Agreement 2000-2001.

updated 1 December 2001.