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Annual Report 2008-2009: Appendix 3

Annual Report 2008 - 2009

Appendix 3:
Register of international
to the Commission

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The Commission frequently receives international visitors and participates in
meetings with individuals and representatives of organisations concerned with
human rights.

During 2008-09, the Commission hosted the following international

September 2008
Susan Biggs, Manager, Strategic Policy, New Zealand Human
Rights Commission.
October 2008
Nicola Dandridge, Equality Challenge Unit, United Kingdom.
December 2008
Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Senior Law Lord of the House of Lords.
Sekai Holland, Zimbabwean Minister for National Healing, Reconciliation
and Integration, and member of the Movement for Democratic Change.
January 2009
Malaysian Human Rights Commission: Chair, Tan Sri, and
Commissioner, Dato Choo.
Matilda Bogner, Regional Representative, Office of the High Commissioner
for Human Rights.
February 2009
Delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights.
Murray Hunt, Legal Advisor to the UK Parliamentary Joint Committee on
Human Rights.
Professor Gerard Quinn, Irish Human Rights Commission.
The Rt Hon Baroness Scotland QC, Attorney-General, UK.
Marites Africa, Executive Director of the Peacemaker’s Circle
Foundation, and Loreta Castro, the Director of the Centre for Peace Education at
Miriam College, Philippines.
March 2009
China-Australia Professional Legal Development Program.
Delegation of parliamentarians from Uganda.
Joris de Bres, New Zealand Race Relations Commissioner, and Sam Sefuiva,
Principal Advisor to the New Zealand Human Rights Commission.
April 2009
Delegation led by Professor Xu Xianming, Vice-President, Shandong
University, China.
May 2009
Delegation of senior Cambodian government officials and community
Delegation of senior Thai Muslim and Buddhist community leaders.
Mufti of Cambodia and staff from the Cambodian Ministry of Women’s

Delegation from Philippine National Police.

June 2009 International Media Visits Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
program for Indian journalists.

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