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Bush Talks (1999)

Bush Talks (1999)

In March 1998 the Commission began the Bush Talks series of consultations. Bush Talks had three objectives:

  1. To identify the major human rights issues confronting people living beyond the main population centres.
  2. To inform rural and remote area Australians, and their representative organisations, about human rights.
  3. To develop projects to enhance the enjoyment of human rights in regional, rural and remote Australia for HREOC action in 1999 and 2000.

Bush Talks was endorsed by Mrs Margaret Smith (National President of the Country Women's Association); Mr Gatjil Djerrkura (Chair of ATSIC); Mr David Dunn (National President of Australian Rural Youth) and Dr Wendy Craik (Executive Director of the National Farmers' Federation).

Community meetings were held in rural and remote locations acroos Australia. A record of the issues and concerns raised in the public meetings is available from HREOC.

Bush Talks


The Bush Talks Report was released by the Human Rights Commissioner on 26 February 1999. The report examines a range of crucial issues, including health, education, aged care, youth services, employment, bank closures, telecommunications, public transport, housing and water.


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