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Keeping Kids Safe and Well – Your Voices

Children's Rights
  • More information about the project 

    The Australian Government and all the state and territory governments in Australia are joining together to make a new national plan on child safety. This plan replaces the old plan, the National Framework on Protecting Australia’s Children (2009-2020).

    The Commonwealth Department of Social Services has asked us to talk to children, young people and families so that their views can be reflected in the national plan. As well as hearing your views in this survey, we will also be talking directly with small groups of children, young people and families across Australia.

    We want to make sure the new plan makes a real difference to children’s lives, especially those children and families who are having a hard time.

    If you would like to know more about the project or you have any concerns, please contact Susan Nicolson, Children’s Rights Team on 1300 369 711or by email to

  • How will we use the information you give us in the survey?

    We will use the ideas and information you give us in the survey in a report to the government about the national plan. We also might put your ideas into a report or other resources prepared by the National Children’s Commissioner. If we put something you say in our reports, we won’t use your name or identify you in any way. We will keep all the information we receive in the survey safe, and only people who work on the project will have access to it.

    The information collected will not be used for any other purpose than identified here. It will be stored confidentially in accordance with the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Privacy Policy.