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Commemorate Human Rights Day: Resource sheet 2 - rightsED

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Commemorate Human Rights Day - Resource sheet 2

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How can you commemorate International Human Rights Day at your school?

Human Rights Day, 10 December, marks the anniversary of the adoption of the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

To help your school celebrate International Human Rights Day, here are some
suggestions that you could consider taking to the person or group responsible
for planning the occasion – or you could volunteer to be part of the group
and help:

  • Publicise the UDHR in the school and the community.
  • Have a human rights award for people who have contributed to human
    rights in your school or community.
  • Create or take over part of a notice board for human rights
    activities, news and issues.
  • Develop a multicultural charter setting out some key principles that
    apply in your school and community.
  • Develop a human rights pledge which all students and staff can be
    asked to recite on the day.
  • Invite human rights speakers to your school.
  • Prepare a ‘what to see’ list for forthcoming film or
    television programs
    which have a human rights interest.
  • Support a human rights project.
  • Create a list of human rights websites (start with the
    Commission website at, and use these
    to develop a trivia quiz on human rights for your school.
  • Contact a group such as Amnesty International and consider setting up
    a school chapter of such a group.

Start thinking and planning now.
Make 10 December a ceremony that really creates awareness of human rights
issues, which inspires people to appreciate what they have, and to strive to
make sure that all people enjoy human rights equally.