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Corporate Responsibility - Developing principles on Resource Development on Indigenous land: Agreement-Making in Australia

Agreement-Making in Australia

Summary Information on a
Selection of Native Title and Other Agreements

In 2001 Rhonda
Kelly and Ciaran O'Faircheallaigh were commissioned by HREOC to undertake
a report on Corporate Social Responsibility, Agreement Making and native
title in Australia. This Report includes a substantial amount of information
on a range of agreements from different parts of Australia and one agreement
from Canada. Some of that information is confidential.

To facilitate discussion
at the Alice Springs Forum, Rhonda and Ciaran have compiled the attached
documents which provides a summary of the background to each agreement
and the issues it covers, but do so in a way which maintains confidentiality.

For each agreement
background, information is provided on consultations, representation,
resourcing, government involvement and whether or not there was a legal
requirement for the company involved to undertake negotiations with
Indigenous interests.

Information is
also provided on the major components of the agreement, in relation
to financial payments, whether or not provision is made for a trust
to manage funds, employment and training, business development, cultural
heritage protection, environmental management, project monitoring and
implementation and land title.

  • HREOC/Griffith Study: Overview of Agreements in PDF format

A separate table
attempts a briefer overall summary by simply indicating whether specific
issues are or are not addressed in each agreement.