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Access to tertiary education materials: Papers from 2002 HREOC forum

Disability Rights


Access to tertiary education materials: Papers from participants in HREOC forum

Some of these papers have been converted by HREOC to HTML for ease of access. Others which our software does not appear to convert fully accurately remain in the formats submitted by participants. Please advise us by email to if you have any difficulties with access to any of these documents, so that we can provide an alternative.

HREOC discussion paper

Department of Education, Science and Training (MS Word doc)

A Disability Liaison Officer perspective

Blind Citizens Australia

A student perspective

University perspective

A producer perspective (MS Word doc)

Attorney-General's Department

Copyright Agency Ltd or see original PowerPoint file ; see also CAL fact sheet (MS word)

Tertiary Education Disability Council of Australia

"Single source with XML: a new paradigm for making documents accessible" : Bill Jolley : or see original MS Word file

Enhancing student access to the university: R.Archee, M.Whitty, University of Western Sydney