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Guidelines for the inclusion of people with disability in golf

Disability Rights
Disabled sportsperson playing golf

The Australian Human Rights Commission (Commission), in partnership with Golf Australia, is developing guidelines for the inclusion of people with disability in golf (Guidelines). 

The purpose of the Guidelines is to provide practical guidance to golf clubs on promoting an inclusive environment for people with disability in golf in a manner that is consistent with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) (Act), and relevant state and territory anti-discrimination legislation.

Golf clubs can play an important role in positive engagement with their community members to support a healthy lifestyle and to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment in which to meet and socialise. Golf clubs also have obligations under federal (as well as state and territory) anti-discrimination legislation to provide equal opportunity for all of their members to participate in their chosen sport.

As part of the development of the Guidelines the Commission is conducting a number of virtual roundtable consultations with key stakeholders.

A number of focus questions will guide the discussions at the roundtables. These questions will be designed to facilitate discussion on key issues to ensure that the Guidelines address the issues faced by people with a disability and highlight the breadth of ways in which golf clubs can encourage and facilitate the inclusion of people with disability. Participants will be invited to raise any other relevant issues, concerns or examples during the discussion. 

If you are interested in participating in the roundtables or providing a written submission then please submit your contact details at the following link and we will be in touch with you in April 2022 with further detail.


The project team can be contacted at: