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Mobility Scooters in Registered Clubs

Disability Rights
motor scooter

The use of mobility scooters has become more prevalent in public spaces.  Mobility scooters have also become cheaper and are seen as a viable aid to mobility.  At the same time, scooters are tending to have a larger footprint, be heavier and may also be constructed with a dual purpose, eg travelling on roads and footpaths as well as for use indoors.

At the request of the RSL & Services Clubs Association Limited NSW, the Commission developed an Advisory Note on the use of mobility scooters in RSL clubs and other public spaces. The Advisory Note could provide guidance on the use of mobility scooters in and around club premises should complaints be lodged under the Disability Discrimination Act.  It could also form the basis of an industry standard.

Advisory Note

Advisory Note on Mobility Scooters (Word)

Advisory Note on Mobility Scooters (PDF)

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