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HREOC - Annual Report 2001 - 2002: Significant Achievements

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Annual Report 2001-2002

Significant Achievements

Human Rights Medal
and Awards 2001.

Expansion of
human rights education in schools online program.

Online human
rights education portal for teachers.

First of a series
of modules on "current issues" in human rights.

Complaints promotion
advertising campaign for people from non-English speaking backgrounds
and Indigenous Australians.

Major website
updates (including web usage statistics).

Community consultations
for policy development.

Outcome of conciliated
complaints (case studies).

Court interventions

    o The "privative
    " case.
    o The "Kevin and Jennifer" case.
    o the "Tampa" case (Federal Court, Full Federal
    Court and High Court).
    o the "Catholic Bishops" or "IVF" case
    in the High Court.

Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander Commissioner's Native Title and Social Justice
reports for 2001.

Access to electronic
commerce by the banking industry.

National Inquiry
into Children in Immigration Detention.

on racism in the lead up to the World Conference against Racism.

Options paper
on paid maternity leave, Valuing Parenthood, and community

China Human
Rights technical cooperation program and other international work.

Asia Pacific
Forum workshop on racism and human rights education for national human
rights institutions.