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It's About Time - Consultations and Focus Groups

It's About Time

Consultations and Focus Groups

HREOC conducted a series of 28 consultations around Australia during 2005 and 2006 with employers, employees, community organisations and individuals following the release of the Striking the Balance discussion paper. The dates of these consultations follow.




11 July 2005

Community consultation, Adelaide

11 July 2005

Union consultation, Adelaide

12 July 2005

Employer consultation, Adelaide

12 July 2005

Employer consultation, Melbourne

13 July 2005

Community consultation, Melbourne

14 July 2005

Union consultation, Melbourne

4 August 2005

Community consultation, NSW Central Coast

10 August 2005

Employer consultation, Hobart

11 August 2005

Community consultation, Hobart

11 August 2005

Union consultation, Hobart

17 August 2005

Community consultation, Melbourne

18 August 2005

Employer consultation, Canberra

18 August 2005

Community consultation, Canberra

5 September 2005

Union consultation, Canberra

7 September 2005

Union consultation, Sydney

7 September 2005

Community consultation, Parramatta

12 September 2005

Community consultation, Kalgoorlie

13 September 2005

Employer consultation, Perth

13 September 2005

Community consultation, Perth

14 September 2005

Union consultation, Perth

22 September 2005

Community consultation, Darwin

22 September 2005

Employer consultation, Darwin

23 September 2005

Union consultation, Darwin

26 September 2005

Union consultation, Brisbane

27 September 2005

Community consultation, Brisbane

27 September 2005

Employer consultation, Brisbane

26 October 2005

Community consultation, Sydney

9 November 2005

Community consultation, Sydney

Sixteen focus groups were also conducted across New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Focus groups were held with public and private employers, white and blue collar employees, mothers, fathers, and primary school aged children. In order to preserve the anonymity of participants, we have not listed details of these focus groups such as dates or the organisations that hosted these groups.

HREOC thanks the many individuals who helped organise our consultations and focus groups and all of those who shared their views and their personal stories with us.

HREOC would also like to thank the following organisations for their particular assistance with this project:

ACT Chamber of Commerce

ACT Human Rights Office



Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland

Bankstown City Council

The Benevolent Society

Carter Holt Harvey (CHH) Pine Panels Plant, Bell Bay

Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory

Commerce Queensland

Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australia

General Motors Holden

Goldfields Men's Health

Hydro Tasmania

K & S Corporation Ltd

Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union (LHMU), NT Branch

Mensline Australia


Niagara Park Community Centre

Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission

Penrith City Council

Pole Depot Neighbourhood Centre

Queensland Council of Unions

Real Estate Institute of South Australia

Real Estate Institute of Victoria

Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Unions ACT

Unions NSW

Unions NT

SA Unions

Unions Tasmania

Unions WA

Victoria Police

WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry

WA Chamber of Minerals and Energy

WIRE Women's Information (Victoria)

Women Tasmania


29 January, 2008